The resolutions we make on a new morn of the New Year are the wishes of the hearn


I spent the last and new hours of the New Year in a smooth way. I needed a time for introspection, after ending the Year, (and sadly begining it), with a lot of people questionning my identity and how I should express it, or express my sexuality.

This is none of anyone’s business. Louder for people in the back. THIS IS NONE OR ANYONE’S BUSINESS.

We are entering 2022, with high records of trans people’s death, we are entering a New Year, with hopes of a change. Please, understand that, it’s not because YOU ARE NOT DECONSTRUCTED about opinion on genders, and sexual orientations that you have to force your opinions and ways on people. 

I am free to determine what I want to look like, where I want to go with my transition, when and where I want to stop it, what gender, DESPITE ANY HORMONAL THERAPY, I want to express at any given time, and certainly, what I do, wear, and who I love or make love with. PE-RI-OD.

I found myself deleting the self afirming picture of me rl and my transition, because a lot of people were being biggots about it, but you know what? 

You do not want to be my friend because of it? Good ridance. You do not want to role play with me any character I play because you feel this is some sort of treason. GROW.THE.FU**.UP.

As a character, you are not entitled to any truth about my irl, it’s out of your reach, and even if I share. We are characters, it’s not like we are actually facing each other irl, and doing things you are not comfortable with. 

If you want any sorts of relationship with me (and manage to go through my wariness and social inabilities), it’s not a matter of changing me, because you will fail miserably. I am  the way I am. 

I say this, not only for me, but for all my Queer folks, and my baby queer folks. Let’s begin this year with understanding, love, acceptance, open-mindedness and health in the regard of the crisis we are all going through. 

Let’s be a fam, not ennemies.

Love you guys, muah! ~♥

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling :

Body :

Hair : Christwo hairstyle by DOUX – slightly edited NEW @ LEVEL Event
Head : Zora Head by LeLUTKA EvoX 
Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project

Accessories :

Hat : Comes with the Christwo hairstyle in size WS

Outfit :

Cardigan : Off-shoulder cardigan by TETRA NEW @ Equal10
Socks : Warm socks by TETRA NEW @ Equal10
Tights : PH Endless Legs – Shades of Denier by VANNIES
Top : Ellie Shirt – LoveThemAll by _CandyDoll_
Panties : Ellie Panties – LoveThemAll by _CandyDoll_

Pose + tea mug : Jasmine by -space cadet- head pose slightly edited

Decor :

Chaise : Snug Daydream Chaise Adult by Nutmeg.
Chandelier : Festive Chandelier Short by Nutmeg.
Tea Kettle : Cosy Gathering Tea Kettle Stand w/Print by Nutmeg.
Pillows : Pillow Stack by Nutmeg.
Fireplace : Stone Fireplace by Nutmeg.
Fireplace tools : Stone Fireplace Tools by Nutmeg.
Christmas tree : White Holiday Tree by Nutmeg. NEW @ Kustom9
Horse : Horse Statuette Bonus Item by Nutmeg. (comes with the Christmas Tree)
Skates : Country House Skates by Nutmeg.
Console : Quaint Foyer Console by Nutmeg.
Vase : Wintertide Pine Vase by Nutmeg.
Rug : Oriental Carpet by Nutmeg.
Dresser : Staying Warm Vanity Dresser w/Blanket by Nutmeg.
Pine garland : Classic Fireplace . Pine Front Decor by KraftWork NEW @ Access
Shiba Inu pup : Shiba Inu Puppy Animesh by [Rezz Room]
Beagle pup : Beagle Puppy Animesh by [Rezz Room]
Basket : Vintage baskets 02 (natural) by Pitaya
Ladder : Beth Blanket Ladder ~ Pack #4 by Elm. NEW @ Access
Curtains : Milton Curtains by Apple Fall
Building : Xander Skybox by Scarlet Creative


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