The Devil’s Tango

❆ Credit ❆ : ☾ On Aaisling : ☾ Body : ✰ Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody by The Mesh Project✰ Hair : HAIR-ER0408 by WINGS – slightly edited✰ Eyes : Bruja Eyes by -SU!- ✰ Lashes : Lashes III by [ LEPUNK ] ✰ Smudged Lipstick : Countess Lipstick (smudged) by Jack Spoon. ✰ Eyeshadow : … More The Devil’s Tango

A woman prevails even when her world falls apart

  ❆ Credit ❆ : ☾ On Aaisling : ☾ Body : ✰ Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody by The Mesh Project✰ Hair : Valentina hairstyle by DOUX – slightly edited✰ Skin : Nariverus Blogpack by :[Petrichor]: & TRAP NEW @ Fantasy Fair✰ Eyes : Onalei Creature Eye by :[Petrichor]:✰ Lashes 1 : LOLITA LASH COLLECTION … More A woman prevails even when her world falls apart

Space Kitty

❆ Credit ❆ : ☾ On Aaisling : ☾ Body : ✰ Body : REBORN by eBODY✰ Hair : Jenna hairstyle by DOUX – slightly edited✰ Tatoo : Elina tattoo by +Nuuna+ ✰ Body shine : Sweaty Body shine by BLAXIUM✰ Eyes : Cookie Eyes by LOTUS.✰ Lashes : NOVA MONSTAH LASHES by EVERMORE NEW … More Space Kitty

Red Velvet

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling : Body : Fantasy Brows : Fluff eyebrows [style 4] by Core&Gore :: Hair : JLOW Hairstyle by DOUX – slightly editedLashes : LOLITA LASH COLLECTION by EVERMORETattoos : Angelic body tattoo Fires Pack by [AERTH] NEW @ AbdormalityHead : Zora Head by LeLUTKA EvoXBody : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky … More Red Velvet


Hellooo!  I felt like being a little more risky than my average pictures, and it is kinda liberating, even if it was rather terrifying at first. I do not often do nudes, but felt like it, because we are blessed with awesome designers who simply make the best bodies, and faces, my skills in shapes … More Mine

So Below

Hello my lovelies!  I have some geeeewd news ! I am now in the team of Nar Mattaru *inserts unholy demon screams* I AM ECSTATIC! I love this store, the goth feel of it and I simply had to blog this latest skin. The lipstick is flawless and I can only hope more EVOX items … More So Below

The resolutions we make on a new morn of the New Year are the wishes of the hearn

HAPPY NEW YEAAAAAR!  I spent the last and new hours of the New Year in a smooth way. I needed a time for introspection, after ending the Year, (and sadly begining it), with a lot of people questionning my identity and how I should express it, or express my sexuality. This is none of anyone’s … More The resolutions we make on a new morn of the New Year are the wishes of the hearn

Holiday Spirits

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling (Right) : Body : Hair : Octavia hairstyle by DOUX NEW @ Kustom9Skin : lel EVOX Skin *Salma* by DeeTaleZContouring : MU *Contouring 1* for LELUTKA EVOX by by DeeTaleZEyes : Extacy Eyes by LOTUS.Head : Zora Head by LeLUTKA EvoXBody : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project Accessories … More Holiday Spirits

Honeymoon Afternoon

Hello my lovelies!  I wanted something cute for this picture, with a little touch of seduction. It’s been a while since I did such a girly setting. I hope you like it!  I can never thank Rezz Room enough for counting me in the bloggers team, because I can now suround myself with the most … More Honeymoon Afternoon

Lady Cerberus

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling : Body : Hair : Sophie hairstyle by DOUX – slightly editedHead : Zora Head by LeLUTKA EvoXBody : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh ProjectBindi tattoo : POSSESSIONS SET FACE by -ROUXS – Fades : Rabies Tattoos by Lilithe’Eyeshadow : Full Moon Eyeshadow by .MILA. NEW @ Level Accessories … More Lady Cerberus

Lights on.

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling : Body : Hair : Joya Hair by DOUX -slightly editedSkin : Dandara by Moccino Beauté NEW @ Access EventLipstick : Almeda Lipsick by Moccino Beauté Head : Zora Head by LeLUTKA EvoXBody : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project Accessories : Earrings Right : Bilion Earrings by VOBEEarrings … More Lights on.

Flowers of Time

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling : Body : Hair : Venezia Hair by DOUX    – edited on the picture Accessories : Flower crown : Head Accessory – Matthiola [original] by *LODE*Bouquet : Matthiola Bouquet [white duo color] by *LODE*Head Jewelry : Shairi maang-tikka (head jewel) by Zaara Earrings : Surya bahubali earrings by … More Flowers of Time

Life surfing

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling (Left) : Body : Hair : Joya Hair by DOUX NEW @ UberSkin : Daisy DARK TAN by Lara Hurley NEW @ Summerfest 21′Eyeshadow : Daisy EYESHADOWS by Lara Hurley NEW @ Summerfest 21′Lipstick : Daisy LIPS by Lara Hurley NEW @ Summerfest 21′Eyes : Alondra Eyes by [avarosa]Freckles … More Life surfing

Aeternam Rosae

❆ Credit ❆ : On Aaisling : Body : Skin : Taylor by PUMEC NEW @ The Arcade June 21 Head : Avalon Head by LeLUTKA EvoXEars : / EARS / Avalon ELF by LeLUTKA EvoXHair : Victoria hairstyle by DOUX NEW @ Level – slightly editedLashes :Prue Lashes (duo tone) by Jack Spoon.Eyeshadow  : … More Aeternam Rosae

Neon & Noodles

Hello my lovelies!  Well, dunno! I felt cute! Eeeee! I love the cutesy tattoos Dappa makes! And I look absolutely adorbs in these shorts and top, thank you Pixicat to bring the lovely in our SL. So, I was tempted to give a go to the Evox line from Lelutka (late bird) and I have … More Neon & Noodles

Flowers of May

Hello my lovely artsies and fashion lovers!  I am like my new engine, fresh and backs! I have posted a previous picture but thought I would be a little more chatty like my usual self! Admit it, you missed my rumblings and nonsense!  I am in LOVE with this new DOUX hair, it looks so … More Flowers of May

Study Break

Hello frands! I am back at it with the messy decor pictures. I guess I just love when every little spot is filled with decor. Horror Vacui for you haha. Should I really go on again about my love for witchcraft, the Wizarding World and all the sorts of magical atmosphere? I do not think … More Study Break

Emerging Lilies

Hello frands! I have been so ambivalent about this pictuuuure. It took me a fuuul week to complete it, while going through a stage of ” Am I deleting this or nah?” But after a while, it grew on me, and I kinda like it! First thing is.. I AM SO IN LOVE with Genus … More Emerging Lilies

Well hello agaiiin! I know, I have been away for ages, but sometimes, you have to focus on your health to get better, and that is what I had to do. I am glad to be back though, and enjoying creating just as much as before! I do hope you will still like and support … More

Wiccan Artistry

Hellooow ! I know. I know. Once the Witch box has been open, there is no turning back! Also I mean it’s Halloween season, so get ready and hold your pants, you gonna get a dozen sorcery tastes. Not like I ever hid to you my wiccan interest. So..WICCAN FOREVAAAH! I am worshipping and thanking … More Wiccan Artistry

Spooky Girly

Hello frands! WOOH! With this picture, I feel like I am back to my oldie self, and I am liking it. It felt a little like coming back from my break I had lost a little my “Art” signature, that whimsical feel and the ever present magic taint, so I am glad to see Arcade … More Spooky Girly

Longing for Fall

Hello Frands! I cannot tell you guys I am longing for Fall. It’s my favorite season ever, because Halloween. I also love Winter because Chruuuustmaaaaas. I have been waiting for a while to put my hands on this new Genus head, and I love it! It’s very smooth and the nose is everything! This is … More Longing for Fall


Hello frands! I have been a little quiet sorryyy! I injured my knee so took some time to rest and recover. And we are saying our last goodbyes to the summer vibes to welcome Septembre and the premisces of Fall. Woot woot! So here is a little tropical/ hispanic flavour to celebrate the end of … More Desperados

Wild and Free

Hello my lovelies! I felt young and free. We often forget how to be young again, how to simply enjoy life in all the small things she offers. To get rid of our own burden to see beauty around us. Let’s we wild and free again, or wildly free! I looove those set of poses … More Wild and Free

Hot Summer Nights

Hello my sweatie followers! I don’t know if you guys have it hard like me in France, but daaarn is it hot in here. We have one of the hottest summer ever and I cannot tae it. When is October and Halloween? In any case, it inspired me some water and summer trend, and really, … More Hot Summer Nights

Poppy Fairy

Hello my lovelies! I feel mixed about this picture but I was thrilled to do it anyway! I love looove the new Swallow ears, I am fond of the pixie ears in general, and they are so adorable with the little hanging crystal. I also love the fact that Swallow gives us protubering versions of … More Poppy Fairy

Summer Trinity

Helloooo my lovies! I am sooo brain dead yet so thrilled to count into the Summerfest and N21 bloggers team! It has been a few years since I first partake in Summerfest, and I am in love with seasonnal events that allows you to fully experience your virtual Holidays mood! I have always been a … More Summer Trinity

Midnight Break

Hello my dear followers ! I am back with a second blog post about the Arcade, and I simply had to use the minimal set for it! You cannot clearly see on the picture, but Ors came up with an amazing set of decor buildinds that plays in the futuristic field, with a green touch … More Midnight Break

Icecream Weather

This is ICECREAM TIIIME!I mean, I don’t know about you guys, but France is getting warm! I have been looking forward to blogging this daisy items from Disorderly + Moon Amore, they looked just so well made and adorable! Also, I love halos, I won’t lie, you have noticed already by now ha! I had … More Icecream Weather