Nerd Heaven

Nerd Heaven

Hello everyone !

In this blog post, I wanted to let my urban male side show a little more . I am a nerd, I won’t lie even though I’m not huuge on gaming. I’m more interested in comics (more the Belgium style, pop art or fantasy style) , fantasy lore . What about you?

I fell in love with the Dad Design skybox. It’s very “modern loft”. I have a big thing for red bricks, metal and wood beams and parquet floor. Always thought it gives a very comfy and warm atmosphere to urban interiors.

Random matter is getting better and better at decor items! For these ,she usd some of my previous pictures to put on the game covers , which is so sweet of her.

So this is my final Epiphany blog post for this round. I can’t wait for the next round !

Hope you’re gonna like this work, and will feel inspired to treat your man with his own retreat/ mancave :p


❆ Decor ❆ :

Building : “Tribeca Loft” by DaD DESIGN NEW @ Monsieur Chic
Game Station : Nerd Haven – Game Station – Black – RARE by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Screens : Nerd Haven – Tri Screen by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Framed Posters : Nerd Haven – Poster by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Boxes : Nerd Haven – Comics by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Headset : Nerd Haven – Headset – Red by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Bucket : Chill n’ Grill – Bucket of Beers by DYNASTY NEW @ The Epiphany July’16
Cheese tray : Chill n’ Grill – Cheese Board (Dark) by DYNASTY NEW @ @ The Epiphany July’16
Phone :Antique Phone – Black/Silver by [ dynasty ] NEW @ The Chrossroads
Bag : Umbrella Bag/Mahogany by -David Heather-
Seat : Hanging Aviation Chair – Brown by [Con.]
Vintage posters : Vintage Poster by [Con.]
Plates : The Plate Collection by [Con.]
Bookcase : FLF Naptime Bookcase by [Con.]
Neon : Neon Legs by Seven Emporium
Pallet table : Tannis’ Pallet Table by Kalopsia
Comics : Comics Stand by Kalopsia
Plane mobile : Airplane Mobile by NOMAD
Plane : Airplane Decor by NOMAD
Punching bag : Punching Bag by NOMAD
Hanging Plant : Super long Hanging Hedera by Soy.
Stepladder : BKLYNITES LOFT – Rusted Iron Stepladder by Soy.
Fan : Homme fan by [Toiz]
Files : Magazine Files by Apple Fall
Bicycle : Stockholm-Bicycle stand-alone by Bazar
Sneakers : Stockholm-Sneakers decor by Bazar
Rug : cream animal rug. by junk.

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