[Tia] Kaoutar Lounge

[Tia] Kaoutar Lounge

So I have been obsessed with this Scarlet Creative prefab. I HAD to own it and it just makes the perfect surrounding for this Tia lounge.

Tia Biscuit is one of the nicest people I have ever met and I feel her store does not encounter the popularity it should. She works hard on texturing and her mesh is flawless. I am always happy to see her new items ! She nailed it with this one, I’m in love with the side cushions on the sofa and arm chairs . The lanterns are also pretty detailed! It’s available at We <3 RP only until tomorrow so hurryyyy!


❆ Decor ❆ :

Building : Alaouite Skybox Prefab by Scarlet Creative @ Luxebox June
Lounge Set (Including Coffe table & Lanterns) : Kaoutar Lounge by [Tia] NEW @ We <3 Role-Play
Floor cushions :Georgia decorative cushions by [ARIA]
Pillow : VintageRosePillow by {anc}
Side table : Troubadour Geometric Table by The Loft & ARIA
Banana Planter : Banana Tree by Apple Fall x Pot : Troubadour Potted Prickly Pear Cactus by he Loft & ARIA
Bag : Handbag & Scarf by Apple Fall
Books : Design Books by Apple Fall
Stack of blankets : Neatly Folded Blankets – Neutral by +Half-Deer+
Wood sculpture : [ Petite Paris] Les mains by Ariskea
Mannequin :mannequin_Cat (White) by {-Maru Kado-}
Candle basket : candle bag linen by .:revival:.
Lotus flowers : sacred lotus in zinc basin – white (modified) by [ keke ]

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