You painted my soul in Black Melancholy

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling :

Body :

Hair : Toxic hairstyle by DOUX – slightly edited
Head : Gaia Head by LeLUTKA EvoX NEW @ Equal10
Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project
Skin : Antonia (LeLutkaEvoX) toffee by [theSkinnery]
Body appliers : Bom Body – TUMMY toffee by [theSkinnery]
Body freckles : Bom Body – Freckles Light by [theSkinnery]
Body tatts : Melancholy Tattoos by . Nar Mattaru .
Nails : MACAW Nail Bento by BLOOM
Lipstick : Bubblegum by Delicatta
Pubes : Body Hair V2 by TF:
Blushes and freckles : #IWokeUpLikeThis4 by WarPaint*
Freckles 2 : Freckles and Moles 03 by [avarosa]
Eyes : Bambi Eyes 03 by LOTUS.

Accessories :

Body chain : Purity Bodychains by TETRA NEW @ Collabor88
Rings :Demon Queen Ring Collection by (Yummy) NEW @ Collabor88

Outfit :

Bra : Purity Top by TETRA NEW @ Collabor88
Shorts : Purity Panties (Shorts) by TETRA NEW @ Collabor88

Pose : Kah Static Pose 2 by Lyrium.

Decor :

Terrier doggo : Bull Terrier Adult Animesh by [Rezz Room] NEW @ TMD
Pooddle Pup : Poodle Toy Adult Animesh by [Rezz Room] NEW @ Equal10
Piano and music sheets : Upright Piano by Nutmeg. (version from past saturday sale)
Books : Musical Escape Grey Books by Nutmeg.
Dresser : Staying Warm Vanity Dresser w/Blanket by Nutmeg.
Chandelier : In Bloom Chandelier by Nutmeg.
Vase : In Bloom Vase / Tan by Nutmeg.

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