Hogwarts is my Home now

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling :

Body :

Hair : Chill hairstyle by DOUX  -slightly edited
Head : Avalon Head by LeLUTKA EvoX
Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project

Accessories :

Headband : strawberry headband by kotte
Face band aids : band aid – pastel by kotte

Outfit :

Sweater : Funny Hoodie -White/Green by -Sorumin-
Shorts : Oakley Tights (Cream) by -Pixicat- slightly edited for the pose
Tights : Emmi Tights (#1) by ::C’est la vie !::
Socks : asymmetry baggy socks by Insomnia Angel
Slippers : sheep slipper . pink . by dust bunny

Pose : dream // 7 by versuta. – edited by the sweater arms position

Decor :

Sphynx kitty : Sphynx Animesh (Companion) by [Rezz Room]
Bengal kitty : Cat Bengal Baby Animesh (Companion) by [Rezz Room]
Mr. Belly : Chonky Kitty – Sit 2 by Foxwood
Whoo-Dini : Barn Owl :: Placer by JIAN
Pumpkin books : Harvest Book Stack by .random.Matter.
Wand stand : Magic Shop – Wand Stand I [Gold] by .random.Matter.
Broom : Magical Girl – Broomstick [Pink] by.random.Matter.
Jelly beans : Study Break – Jelly Beans by .random.Matter.
Choco frogs : Study Break – Praline Polliwog by .random.Matter.
Open book : Study Break – Textbook by .random.Matter.
Rug : Little Wicked ~ Rug white by Foxwood
Hourglass : leviosa . hourglass . gold by dust bunny & con
Knitting kit : special occasions . knitting kit . brown by dust bunny
Cape stand : lunar craft . cape stand by dust bunny
Book & blanket : cozy reading by dust bunny
Blankets stool : blanket stool by dust bunny
Cushion : darling sectional cushion . white . by dust bunny
Chest : Leather Strapped Trunk by Apple Fall
Candies cauldron : 4. Candy Corn Cauldron by Apple Fall
Lantern : Sutton Lantern – Stripped Oak by Apple Fall
Luggage : Monogram Luggage Bag by Apple Fall – former gacha
Drink 1 : Spiced Latte by :::ChicChica:::
Drink 2 : Pumpkin Latte by :::ChicChica:::
Boots : His Vintage Shoes by Nutmeg.
Blankets pile : Blankets Stack B by [Merak] – former gacha
Suitcase : Carefree – Suitcase, Books & Boots by KOPFKINO NEW @ Kustom9
Light garlands : moon phase wall art (metals) by tarte.
Floating candles : Magicians Candle by [The Emporium]

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