Coils of Deception

Hello my dear followers! 

This picture gave me an existential crisis, for some reason. I was not sure, and still not am, if I liked it or wanted to burn it. The warm weather here in France also did not help AT ALL. I am litterally melting while typing this. 

So I wanted to make another demon girl picture, because I mean, look at this set of horns????! I have always love The Plastik horns because they are varied and so elaborate, but I feel for these hard time. And what to say about this amazing ghoul body parts from, well, Ghoul! It is pure bomb, I love how it is creepy but still kinda cute and so detailed. 

Blaxium eyes are so so piercing, and I love how they fit perfectly with a darker-toned skin, and the body shine looks like glitters, it works especially good for a wet/slimmy effect if you want to sport a styling like mine or even be a siren/mermaid. 

For the make up style and the lighting inspirations I went full Disney vilain mode. If you have paid attention to the way Disney portray the evil characters, it is always with green light, fog or fire, with very ‘Queer’ stylings and make up. While it is likely, or was, a way to convey a negative idea of queerness I decided to reclaim these ideas, and make it into a positive connotation, for empowerment of all queers, from a positive queer author ♥

Anyway, enough blabla, I hope you enjoy it. Show me your love and support ~♥


❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling :

Body :

Skin : Taylor by PUMEC NEW @ The Arcade June 21

Head : Avalon Head by LeLUTKA EvoX
Ears : / EARS / Avalon ELF by LeLUTKA EvoX

Hair : Elijah hairstyle by DOUX
Lashes : Prue Lashes by Jack Spoon.
Eyes : Promises Eyes by BLAXIUM
Body shine : Icy Body Shine by BLAXIUM
Face & Body Marks : Aibi Nymph Layers by Ghoul
Undead body parts : Takara Set – Sunset Pearl by Ghoul
Body : [LEGACY] Meshbody Perky by Mesh Project

Accessories :

Horns & Bindi : Vadarian Horns & Jewelry by The Plastik
Tail : + Avarice Tail + by {Aii & Ego}
Necklace : mary gems collar by FAKEICON

Outfit :

Dress : Miss Behave – Dress – Pink by Moon Elixir x MUSE NEW @ Level Event

Pose : poses 99.1 by SAPA

Decor :

Pillars : Karyatis Pillar by [CURELESS+HOME]

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