Cottage Life

Happy New Year 2021 ! I know I know, I am late but hey, we are still in the beginning of a new year, and hopefully, a new beginning.

Times are challenging but we have an artistic space to express ourselves and bring some lights into it all so let’s use it!

I am back on the grid and would like to extend my many thanks to Nikohl Hax and the Random Matter brand for being such a supportive and talented team. It is with great pleasure for me that I launch myself back into ‘business’ with this lovely decor set. Random Matter is one of the leader store in terms of accessories, in my opinion, but the designer never seems to cease to amaze me with decors. Gosh this picture remind me of miniature worlds and it is adorable!

This set ,called “Cottage Life”, is available at The Epiphany, January Round until the 15th of February. So make sure to get your purses ready and give a go at this gorgeous gacha, to make you a comfy, homy cottage interior , in other words, a safe haven full of memories in this tried times ♥

I love you guys and hope you like this post ~♥.


❆ Credit ❆ :

Decor :

House : Storyteller’s Burrow – Garden House RARE by 8f8
Pumpkins : Cottage Life – Pumpkins EXCLUSIVE by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Table : Cottage Life – Dining Table – RARE by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Stove : Cottage Life – Wood Stove – RARE by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Quilts : Cottage Life – Quilt [Dark] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Chair : Cottage Life – Deco Chair by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Wall Art : Cottage Life – Wall Art by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Shelf : Cottage Life – Shelf [Dark] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Clock : Cottage Life – Clock [Dark] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Lanterns : Cottage Life – Lantern [Tin] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Scale : Cottage Life – Scales [White] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Butterfly : Cottage Life – Butterfly [Light] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Open seed boxes : Cottage Life – Seed Box by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Sewing references set : Cottage Life – Cross Stitch by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Mushrooms : Cottage Life – Mushrooms by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Gardening tools : Cottage Life – Tools by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Plants : Herbology Plants by .random.Matter. @ Mainstore
Watercolor set : Herbology Sketchbook by .random.Matter. @ Mainstore
Books : Herbology Books by .random.Matter. @ Mainstore
Candle stick : Antler Candlestick II by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Deers statues : Woodland Deer – Brass by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Bowl of Apples : Apples w/ Ornamental Stand – Ceramic by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Branch of Apples : Apple Sprig w/ Branch by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Pinecones : Pinecones & Hazelnuts by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Bronze leafs : Bronze Leaf Apple Branches by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Books : Books – Arrangement 6 by Apple Fall @ Mainstore
Table runner : Storybook Woven Table Runner by Apple Fall @ Mainstore

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