Life has never been so sweet

Life has never been so sweet

Hello frands!

Here for the sugary happy feel to make you all smile!

I have a reason to celebrate! After many attempts I got in Candy Doll bloggers team.

* Internally screams hysterically* This is insane. I am so glad to have been accepted in. The store has been one of my big favorite in terms of blogging for many reasons. It allows me to express that sugary and sexy side of me and provide all the ladies around some adorable stylings and the other reason is because Rebecca is a work monster, not only are her textures flawless, her mesh great quality, but also does she creates for ALL the popular bodies of SL . She is one of the extremely few designers who started meshing for the new gorgeous SLink release, the petite implants! This heart dress from Candy Doll is available as a gacha common at The Epiphany until the 15th of August. The gacha allows you to win lingerie , a bodysuit , this loveable dress or another cute dress. The socks are a rare, as well as the Boot version of them that come as another rare item!

As I said, I am blessed that Slink FINALLY listened to the few of us who do like a smaller chest. When I tried with the current bodies, it always looked off so I cannot tell you how happy I am right now. My only sad spot is that the designers are not too many to work with it yet and very few Skin designers made a version of their cleavage for petite chest, thus, the shading is not natural. I had to redraw on the picture to correct that.

There is a new cutesie event called Girl Power, that offers a variety of Kawaii/ Cute items, you should definetely check it out!

Pumec released a new set of ears, and once again, it’s bomb! It has a more edgy and sharp look than her usual with a little plate/armor piece on the top part of the ear. The hud allows you a lot of color/metal/tattoo options, as per usual.

Annnd of course, I would not be me if I had not food about me uh? Seriously, I am obsessed. I need halp ! But Dust bunny never makes it easy with her awesome mesh food, right?!

Hope you like it~♥


❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (On the Left) :

Body :

Skin : Kallisto skin by L’Etre NEW @ Mainstore – cleavage edited to match Slink petite chest
Hair : Charlie Hairstyle by DOUX -slightly edited
Ears : /Mesh Ears\ – Worm by .:[PUMEC] :. NEW @ Fetish Fair
Tattoos : Unicorn Tattoo by Ahegao NEW @ Girl Power
Petite bewbs : Physique Hourglass Petite Chest Augment by Slink NEW
Body : Physique Mesh Body Hourglass by Slink

Accessories :

Necklace : Charm babygirl necklace – gold by Kibitz
Choker : Moonlight Collar[Gold] by +Usagi Bun+ NEW @ Girl Power

Outfit :

Heart Dress :Amada Love Pink Dress by Candy Doll NEW @ The Epiphany – Gacha
Socks : Amada Socks – Hourglass – RARE by Candy Doll NEW @ The Epiphany – Gacha
Decor :
Balloons : [Pantone] Pastel Balloon Decor by Ariskea
Confetti Balloon : Confetti Balloon (Pink and Gold) by Apple Fall – GIFT
Grapefruit : ‘Elvira’ Plate w/ Sliced Grapefruit by Apple Fall
Recipes Book : homemade summer treats . recipe book by dust bunny
Icecream machine : homemade summer treats . recipe book by dust bunny
Icecream : homemade summer treats . strawberry ice cream by dust bunny
Yummy sammich! : homemade summer treats . ice cream sandwiches by dust bunny
Cooling tray : homemade summer treats . cooling cookies by dust bunny
Eatable letters : donut letters by dust bunny
Icecream cones : snowcones raspberry by dust bunny
Babybreath : Head Accessory – Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath by *LODE*
Eggs : unwhisked eggs by hive
Measuring cup : Messy Baking – Measuring Cup by O.M.E.N
Measuring spoons : Messy Baking – Measuring Spoons by O.M.E.N
Shabby plates : Kitchen Basics – Plates by Tres Blah
White plates : Plates and Spoons by Nutmeg.

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