Sync’D Motion__Originals – Scar & Limb

Sync'D Motion__Originals - Scar & Limb.png

Hello my awesome followers !

And back I am with some amazball dances again. So, for all the new readers who are not familiar with Sync’D Motion, it’s a store that specializes in Mocap Urban dances to set your parties on fire !

Today I am going to present two of them that, even being drastically two different genres, they will gladly combine for a beach party night with your friends!

The first one, Scars is one of my biggest HEART as of yet, simply because I love how the moves are both sensual and elegant! It’s also spirtual and smooth. The music is also sooo inspiring, I love such tunes when it mixes different ethnic sounds with modern beats. Defo a summer best!

While Limb totally throw me back in my Island ( Martinique, French carribean island) and the awesome parties I attended to as a kid. The rythmof the moves are dancehall, playfull and unisex! The more the merier. So grab on your fellows and throw the Summer moves on !


• Scars NEW @ The Whimsical

• Limb NEW @ Shiny Shabby



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