Nature Rhapsody

Nature Rhapsody.png

Hey my lovelies!

And here is le me late again, but nonetheless super excited with all these gorgeous items! If you are quick, you can still grab them at Arcade and The Chapter Four !

I have no words for how amazing nani set for Arcade is, right down my alley. It speaks to my imaginary on so many levels! If you feel nymph like or surrealist! THIS IS FOR YOU ♥

Hope you like it and Happy Easter to you all!


❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (Left) :

Body :

Skin : Rose skin by L’Etre
Eyelids : L’Etre – Natural mesh eyelids by L’Etre
Cheeks Highlights : Haunted Highlighter Kit by The Horror!
Hair : dreamy pond – underwater hair RARE by nani NEW @ The Arcade

Accessories :

Flower crown : Vanilla around Face [original] RARE by *LODE* NEW @ The Chapter Four
Belt : Vanilla Wreath [violet] by *LODE* NEW @ The Chapter Four
Bubbles : dreamy pond – bubbles aura by nani NEW @ The Arcade


Outfit :

Gown : dreamy pond – lilypad dress RARE by nani NEW @ The Arcade

Pose : Aaisling Resident

Decor :

Flowers : dreamy pond – lotus set by nani NEW @ The Arcade

2 thoughts on “Nature Rhapsody

  1. so genius!!! for the in the water idea!!! i got this dress too! so pretty!!!
    but i cannot wear beatiful like you do!

    by the way you said
    On Aaisling (Left<<<<<) … which goldfish are you? :P


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