And Here I am , allowing my spooky wiccan side show up ! You know me, I’m a sucker for anything Magic/Wizardry. This is my participation to Salem Event! I REALLY do hope it will come back because this is an amazing event! It will close tomorrow so hurry up if you want to grab all the goodies there !

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a Happy Halloween !

❆ Credit ❆ :

On Aaisling (Left) :

Body :

Hair : Beauty.Ghoul ~ Batty.Hair_(unrig) 002. RARE by [NANI] NEW @ The Epiphany
Head appliers & Skin : Ivet Skin – Porcelain -Exclusive Epiphany Prize (Enfer Sombre*) NEW @ The Epiphany
Eyes : Chromatic Eyes – Ghost RARE & Sombre by [Buzz] NEW @ The Epiphany

Accessories :

Headband : Eyeholic / Tiara (White) by :Moon Amore: NEW @ Salem
Kitty : Eyeholic/ Trypophobia Cat (Tuxedo) by :Moon Amore: NEW @ Salem
Skeleton Scarf : immortal fox by Salt & Pepper NEW @ Salem
Beads Necklace : + Silver Izanagi Beads + by {aii} NEW @ The Epiphany
Hair Decor : + Izanami Incense Hair Decor + {egosumaii} by {aii} NEW @ The Epiphany
Gloves : Lilith Gloves (Black) by Violent Seduction NEW @ Salem

Outfit :

Cape : Witch Cape – Maitreya Lara – RARE by Caboodle NEW @ Salem
Dress : Witch Dress – Maitreya – Black by Caboodle NEW @ Salem
Shoes : Witch Socks – Maitreya – Black by Caboodle NEW @ Salem

Pose : Aaisling Resident

Decor :
Fireplace : Spooky Fireplace RARE by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Skeleton in a Jar : Bell Jar Demon RARE by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Bouquet : Condolences Bouquet by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Frames : Ghastly Portrait Set by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Vase : Raven Vase by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Candelabra : Jeweled Candelabra by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Roses : Dying Roses by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Crow : Mr. Crowly by (Yummy) NEW @ Salem
Broom : Fashion Killer! Animated Brum red by Astralia NEW @ The Epiphany
Skull in a Jar : Paint It Black – Skull Jar by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Hand Candle : Paint It Black – Hand Candle [Flesh] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Painting : Paint It Black – Old Paintings [Waterhouse] by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Curtains : Paint It Black – Drapery by .random.Matter. NEW @ The Epiphany
Table : Paint It Black – Table by .random.Matter. – modified NEW @ The Epiphany
Lamps : [Damned] Lace Lamp by Ariskea NEW @ The Epiphany
Maiden Mops : Devious Maids Mops (Black) – RARE by =Zenith=

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