My Secret Retreat

Last night, I participated to the Fancy Decor Battle! For those who missed it, let me quickly explain what it was all about. They picked 5 contestants among many applications and invited them to participate to the Battle which took place the 29th of April at 8pm. There was a jury and they had made 5 boots for each participants. We even had our names next to them  ♥. Spectators were allowed to come to support participants!

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Behind each booth were rezzed a selection of items from Fancy Decor items. We could not rezz anything of our inventory but we could change textures, use copies and edit the items however. We had 30 minutes to decorate the little place. I did not take a picture of my set, I should have but honestly it was 5 am my time and I crashed. I was more busy injecting coffee right through my veins really. Sadly, I did not make it to second right *sobs a little* BUT I had the fun of my life! During the 2nd round, they had picked two participants and rezzed two booths with again items from the store, there was about the entire store rezzed this time and instead of having items for each booth,each designer had to pick the items they wanted to use among the clutter of items which means the other contestant would not be able to use them.They had 45 minutes to do so. And the winner iiiiis Manis Lane.She won L$20,000 in cash and credit, the gold trophy, and the rooms she decorated for the Battle will be featured in Love to Decorate Magazine! Lucky girl! ♥ Even if I did not win, I had SO much fun and I was so thrilled to have some of my friends here to support me, that was seriously the BEST PART!So a bit thank you to Nikohl Hax, Iso Criss, Tracei Moore and Vi’ Snow Rose Yong! That meant everything guys muah! ♥

And just for you guys, I will quote what the Judges said about my set :

Jake Vordun said :

In booth 3, we have Aaisling!I really like that you took a risk and re-textured the chair cushions!

Emery Milneaux said :

I love that you put two end-tables. And yeah, I also love that you retextured the chair. Really pops against the black/white. ALSO. The way you place clutter is amazing. Super realistic.

Ashleey Andrew said :

I appreciate the accent chair as well, the general setup is really creative.

And Editorial Clarity said :

Aisling, the retexturing of some items in your set i think is great. Sets it apart when everyone is using the same products. Nice job :D

I really do hope they will do it again because this was an amazing experience!

Anyway, let’s get to the topic of the blog post. For those who have not noticed , in most of my decors there is a big presence of nature, if not nature FOOD! Or both, at the same time! I always have loved when vegetable world invite itself into a decor and an Interior. This month, a lot of events focused on the green side! Like Collabor88 and Uber. In this picture I wanted to give you to see a place where I would feel safe, where I would hide from the world and it gathers almost everything that identifies me (except the food ok) . There are elements of childhood and fairytale with the awesome tricycle and gacha items Kunst released for Shiny Shabby.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

A countryside feel with the Apple Fall items and the dust bunny building, and of course vegetable world/gardening.

Let’s talk about 8f8 a moment please! I am always wowed by each set iBi releases and this is your last chance to put your hands on this one at Seasons Story which will close in a few hours! Not only iBi is one of the kindest person I’ve been given to meet, but he is also incredibly talented. I’m honored to be in his team !

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

I have to give a huge thank you to keke for letting me blog her pieces. She has a very ethereal and natural hand and that fitted perfectly this scene. So, thank you Kean Kelly ♥ !

And I’d like to close this post by talking about Citta WWiskee, ATTIC owner. I discovered her store only recently through the Paper Forest gacha she released for kustom9. ( That said, if you have any of the commons and rares, I’m still looking to complete the full set ! Contact me on Aaisling Resident) and I must say that I fell in love with her pictures. She has about the same imaginary as me except she is ridiculously talented! I really fell for her work so have a look at her Flickr.

My Secret Retreat

❆ Credit ❆ :

⇢ gardenia shed by dust bunny NEW @ Collabor88
⇢ Cup of Spring – Garden Coffe Table by 8f8 NEW @ The Seasons Story
⇢ Cup of Spring – Grass Lightdrops BIG by 8f8 NEW @ The Seasons Story
⇢ Cup of Spring – Daffodil in a Cup by 8f8 NEW @ The Seasons Story
⇢ marquee board / bed by floorplan. NEW @ Kustom9
⇢ church pew / whitewash by floorplan. NEW @ N21
⇢ herboristerie planks by floorplan. NEW @ Collabor88
⇢ pinboard / botanical by floorplan. NEW @ Collabor88
⇢ pot stack by floorplan. NEW @ Collabor88
⇢ botanical rose print by floorplan.
⇢ Madeleine’s Ladder by Kalopsia NEW @ Uber
⇢ Madeleine’s Bucket Hangers by Kalopsia NEW @ Uber
⇢ Madeleine’s Planting Pots by Kalopsia NEW @ Uber
⇢ .01 – Neva’s tricycle RARE by [ kunst ] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
⇢ .06 – Potted stick plant by [ kunst ] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
⇢ .09 [ kunst ] – Books by [ kunst ] NEW @ Shiny Shabby
⇢ Potted plant / stand by [ kunst ] NEW @ Uber
⇢ Plants in jar / stand by [ kunst ] NEW @ Uber
⇢ Plants in jar by [ kunst ] NEW @ Uber
⇢ Singing Tree RARE by -ATTIC- NEW @ Kustom9
⇢ Paper Fox by -ATTIC- NEW @ Kustom9
⇢ Kingsbury Pendant Lamp by Apple Fall
⇢ Stone Artichoke (Lichen) by Apple Fall
⇢ Bed Warmers by Apple Fall
⇢ Dress Form by Apple Fall
⇢ green print 2 by [ keke ]
⇢ sacred lotus in zinc basin – white by [ keke ]
⇢ star print 2 by [ keke ]

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